Thinking about planning a baby? But are you asking yourself a question “How long should I give myself to prepare for conception?

This question is especially important as many couples are emotionally ready to get pregnant, but their bodies individually are in a state of hormonal chaos or less than optimal state for conceiving.

If there is a history of hormonal issues like PCOS, being overweight, having irregular periods, PMS, etc. it just gives more reasons to make the body conception friendly sooner than later. Just starting to try and not getting a positive pregnancy test month after month can be disappointing, frustrating and adding more stress in turn delaying the process even further.

But if you take the time to set yourself up to conceive successfully, rather than just starting to try, you will not only conceive sooner but your body and your baby will much more healthier. Ideally anywhere from 3 to 9 months is necessary for getting your body prepared for pregnancy. It’s not just to boost egg/sperm quality or boost progesterone levels, but this period is a wonderful opportunity to re-assess your health and lifestyle. Most women already know to quit anti-nutrients like smoking, alcohol and caffeine before planning pregnancy but it is also vitally important for men to do the same. But in today’s endocrine and hormonally disruptive environments, processed foods, chemical loaded cosmetics, fertility cleanses are becoming more important than ever.

Along with hormonal balance, balancing blood sugar and managing weight, another important factor considered during planning baby is stress, stress hormones produced can cause havoc on the reproductive as well as digestive systems. For a soul to get attracted into your life, you need to create that space. Stress, busy work and social life will only delay that process hence its important to slow down, breathe and focus your thoughts and energy into bringing this new baby into your life.

If you are trying to conceive naturally or through fertility treatments and if you want to identify your root causes of fertility blockages whether physical, emotional or nutritional, let me guide you in achieving that optimal state of balance. Schedule for a FREE one-hour Fertility Breakthrough strategy session with me.

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